The one important requirement for marine hardware is that even the smallest of the screws and bolts used in the sea-faring vessels need to be hardy to withstand the harsh outdoor weather conditions and must be highly corrosion resistant. The best affordable metal to satisfy this important criterion is Stainless Steel. But you can always browse through the catalogue to see the complete list of marine hardware available at Baron and pick from plated drop forged alloy steel or nickel-plated malleable iron or formed/zinc plated steel options as well.

Marine Hardware supplier

Baron Hardware has a variety of stainless steel hardware including hooks, chain snaps, safety snaps, spring hooks, shackles, quick links, bolt snaps, anchor shackles, etc. that would play a vital role in holding multiple parts of small boats, riggings, water skiing lines and such. Baron’s 3 step quality check process ensures that you get the industry standard, dependable hardware components to keep your sailboat or yacht safe in the water for a long time.