The Fashion Industry basically thrives on the aesthetic value of products and the hardware used in fashion accessories must necessarily fulfill this important qualification. A large number of metal snaps, clasps, buckles, chains, swivel-eye hooks, spring hooks, trigger snaps, round rings, dee rings, and many such small components are required to make handbags, leather belts, hand luggage, etc. useful as well as pleasing to the eye. Handbag Hardware Supplier   The most common connecting hardware used in the Fashion Industry are buckles, Dee and round rings, trigger snaps, and spring hooks. Baron has all those and more in an array of metals and alloys. You can find corrosion-resistant stainless steel swivel eye snaps and spring hooks, nickel-plated, brass-plated, and solid brass rings, and bright aluminum spring links and hooks in vibrant colours at Baron, all of them ready for shipping within 24 hours of your ordering!